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Take a photo of the experiment or the work behind it or a creative snapshot of those involved in the experiment, submit it to the eratosthenes Photo Competition and don’t miss the opportunity to travel to the 2017  Inspiring Science Education Summer Academy in AthensThe deadline for submitting your photo is the 5th of October 2016. A committee of experts, working in the European project Inspiring Science Education will select the winner, on the 12th of October.

The contest in 5 steps

  1. Take your photo.
  2. Submit you data.
  3. Register to the ODS eratosthenes Experiment community.
  4. Join the Group the eratosthenes Experiment Photo Contest 2016(inside the ODS eratosthenes Experiment community).
  5. Upload your photo and state your country, your name and details of your school/institution.

Conditions, Detailed Instructions & Prize

  1. The theme of the contest is the eratosthenes Experiment. Take a photo of the experiment or the work behind it or a creative snapshot of those involved in the experiment.
  2. Minimal manipulation of digital images, such as cropping, small adjustments to brightness, color, color balance and/or sharpness, is permitted.
  3. Each teacher/classroom must submit one photo.
  4. In case your photo includes images of minors, please make sure you have obtained a signed consent by their legal guardians. Each country follows its own procedures on the matter, so please consult with the relevant authorities.
  5. Only teachers from registered schools that have submitted their data can take part. For registering your school, please click here. For submitting your data, please click here.
  6. Study the manual carefully in the ODS Teachers Academy on how to register to the ODS portal, how to join Communities and Groups
  7. Then, follow the steps below:
    a) Register to the  ODS eratosthenes Experiment community
    b) Join the eratosthenes Experiment Photo Contest September 2016 Group
    c) Please submit your photoThe deadline for submitting your photo is the 5th of October 2016
    d) You may submit your photo by clicking on the “Comment” tab.
    e) Offer a description by adding your country, your school’s or institution’s name and your own name in the “Comment” area.
    f) “Select” your file, “Upload” it and then “Save”.
  8. The prize for the eratosthenes Experiment Photo Contest is a place in the 2017 Inspiring Science Education 6-day Summer Academy in Athens, with all the costs (traveling, accommodation, catering and fees) covered by the relevant scholarship.


The eratosthenes Experiment 2016 is organised with support from the European Commission in the context of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). This Website reflects only the views of the Inspiring Science Education consortium members, the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

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